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If you have not been out to our brand-new kitchen studio, you are really missing out! From the moment you walk in you can see Cultivated Kitchen Studio has everything that you need to enjoy learning and cooking with food in a fun & relaxing atmosphere.

Whether its learning how to make fresh pasta using our new Kitchen-Aid Mixers or watching your risotto cook on our brand new Samsung residential gas ranges you will notice CKS took time and care to think on how and what are the best ways to learn how to cook.

Let us not forget that with all that cooking you just might want to relax some so CKS has created a stylish lounge area stocked with everybody’s favorite non-alcoholic beverages. From the leather couches to the entertainment system, CKS knows just how to relax before and after a great meal.

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What is that you say? You do not really want to take a cooking class but would rather sit around with your friends and watch / eat some amazing food? Well once again your in for a treat! At CKS we created an ultimate kitchen bar setting where you and up to 20 of your closest friends can just sit and relax at our gorgeous butcher block bar that wraps around our open kitchen. Just imagine watching highly skilled and trained chefs prepare course after course of amazing and delicious food right in front of your eyes all while you sit back and relax drinking your favorite drink.

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