Tyler’s imagination of Cultivated Kitchen Studio is a place where people can come and take fun and exciting hands on cooking classes as well as grow their knowledge and love of food.  In fact, that’s even part of our mission statement “Growing People’s Minds and Love of Food, One Gathering at a Time”.


More and more people are wanting to eat out less and stay home and cook, but short of going to culinary school there are only a handful of places out there with highly skilled, professionally trained chefs who are teaching this craft.  The beauty about this concept is, it doesn’t matter whether you know how to make a fancy five course meal or have no idea how to boil water, Cultivated Kitchen Studio is for anyone who wants to learn more about food and cooking.


Cultivated Kitchen Studio will offer several different styles of classes to include Dinner Parties where you would come and prepare a 3-5 course meal with others in a fun and relaxing environment. Another style of class being offered is food specific classes such as learning how to make fresh pasta or cinnamon rolls. Other classes are skill based classes like knife skills where you will learn how to cut, slice, dice, and chop just like a professional chef or flavor profile class where you would learn how to pair foods and flavorings.

Meet Chef Tyler

Tyler Aponte is a native Texan and started learning how to cook around the age of 5 from his mother and grandmothers. It wasn’t necessarily that Tyler was interested in food at the time, but more to the fact that he was a picky eater combined with his upbringing, which was either eat what was made or simply make your own food. So that’s what he did. After several years Tyler started to enjoy cooking and began to make food for his family and friends always using them taste testers.


At the age of 15 Tyler started working in professional kitchens and after graduating high school he attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, TX, where he earned a degree in Applied Science (Culinary Arts).  Upon completing an externship at Walt Disney World in Florida, Tyler moved back to Texas and began working as a kitchen supervisor at The Ballpark in Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers. Tyler then started working for a company called Levy Restaurants at Texas Motor Speedway all the while still working part-time at the Ballpark.


As Tyler began to grow with Levy, he eventually had the opportunity to start traveling across the country working at several different NASCAR Racetracks. After about 5 years working full-time with Levy Tyler took a Chef position at a prestigious private school in Dallas, TX, called The Hockaday School.


Tyler learned quite a few things while working at The Hockaday School. However, the two things that stood out the most were that not all grade school food is equal and, more importantly, after doing several private dinner parties and events at some of the children’s parents houses he realized how much he enjoyed hosting dinner parties for people.  

After 7 years of working at The Hockaday School some changes were made to outsource the food & beverage department forcing him to seek other employment opportunities. Luckily, Tyler still worked with Levy Restaurants part-time and a chef position opened at American Airlines Center the Arena, home of the Dallas Stars & Dallas Mavericks.

In January 2018 Tyler and his wife Jamie had their first child, a baby girl by the name of Delaney. Tyler soon realized that working at a sporting arena was not the greatest when it comes to a work life balance and having a family.  After considerable thought Tyler decided to leave American Airlines Center and ended up taking a chef position with a company called Aramark. 

At Aramark Tyler worked in the LifeWorks Division running a corporate café for JPMorgan Chase in Plano, TX.  Although Tyler enjoyed spending more time with his family, he knew this was what he was passionate about and it left him wanting more.

Once again after a long consideration and talks with his wife, it was in July of 2019 that Tyler decided to go after the dream he had when working at The Hockaday School. His dream was to open a kitchen studio where he would teach cooking classes in addition to hosting dinner parties and events. The studio is called Cultivated Kitchen Studio and Tyler is excited to grow people’s minds and love of food, one gathering at a time.